There are many exclusive clubs in the world. Augusta National has about 300 golf members who are sports heroes and captains of industry from all over the world. They are only open seven months of the year and you can’t play as an unaccompanied guest under any circumstances which makes them unlike other uber-high-end golf clubs thus the hardest “get” in golf.

Raos restaurant in Harlem has tables that are “owned” by people and/or families thus you simply can’t call up and get a table at this legendary restaurant at its original New York City location. There was a Las Vegas outpost but that has seemingly closed. There is now a Hollywood location and the rules aren’t as strict but in terms of restaurants, this is about the hardest reservation to get in the world.

The 32 people that own an National Football League team is a pretty limited group. Considering you need many billions of dollars to purchase a franchise these days as well as league and commissioner (the commissioner is a member at Augusta by the way and in case you want to co-mingle your exclusive clubs) as well as a league vote. It is pretty safe to say that are in pretty rare territory if you make it to the NFL owners club.

One might argue that the most exclusive club is the ex-presidents club. If you’ve been an American President (aka: Commander in Chief) and you are now out of office, that is a super-exclusive club. Not many young men get elected President around the constitutional age minimum of 35 years old. Most are in the 60s when elected thus aren’t likely to live forever. Today, there is Jimmy Carter at nearly 100 and still kicking it. Obama, Clinton, George W. Bush and Donald Trump round out that almost distinguished group (one that might get cleaned up by a criminal indictment). With only a handful of members, this is a very exclusive club.

In the world of technology there is a concept call The Bel Air Circuit. It is The Holy Grail of home theater meaning that you have a movie theater in your home that can play day and date movies just like at the commercial movie theater. You got that right… if a new James Bond movie comes out on a Friday, you get the hard drive with the encrypted movie on it and can play it that weekend. Now, the theater that you need to play it in isn’t a home theater as much as it is a “movie theater in your home” complete with items like a professional Christie Digital or Barco projector, surround sound processors from companies like Dolby and/or DTS as well as often really luxurious home theater seating.

Why would Hollywood offer people such access to their movies? They do this because they need other people’s money to make their movies. Most studios put out about nine to 10 studio movie releases per year. Each film takes a minimum of $60,000,000 in marketing per release. People who invest in movies not only get to be an executive producer, thus getting their name on the film in the opening slide, but they also can get access to this exclusive perk assuming that they have the right theater in their home. There might be 400 people in the world with this exclusive access and from movie producers to Saudi Princes and others in between, these people get a very special perk. And what an exclusive one, it is…